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    Shuanghe Park Scenic Area

    Posted by: Release time:2019-05-12

    Shuanghe Park is located beside the Ring Road in the south of Lingshan County, Qinzhou. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers and enjoys a beautiful view. The park covers an area of 653 mu, with the main entrance facing a 50-meter long boulevard and the secondary entrance located in the south. It can be easily reached from Jiangbin Road and Huandao Avenue of the cultural and sports center. The Shuanghe Park is planned to be divided into scenic area, ethnic culture area, commercial area, as well as riverside entertainment and leisure area according to different functions. The park is rich in flora including a variety of forests, such as the pine and cypress forest, the peach forest, the willow forest, the osmanthus forest, the bamboo forest and those with subtropical characteristics like the coconut groves, the betel nut forest and the lychee forest. The different plants in different seasons always serve the visitors with beautiful scenery throughout the year. In addition to the beautiful natural landscape, there are also a number of unique artificial tourist attractions in the park.