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    Wanghai Ridge

    Posted by: Release time:2019-05-10

    Wanghai Ridge, located 3.5 kilometers north of Dasi Town, Qinbei District, Qinzhou, stretches from Dasi Town to Nameng Town towards the southwest in the northeastern part. Its full length is about 9 kilometers with a width of 5 kilometers. There are two peaks in the east and west. The eastern peak, 425 meters above sea level, is called East Wanghai Ridge, while the western peak is the main peak and 479.8 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest peak in Dasi Town. On a clear day, while climbing onto the peaks and looking towards the southeast, you can see Maowei Sea from dozens of kilometers away, and therefore the ridge is named Wanghai Ridge (which literally means “watching the sea”). Wanghai Ridge is a granite mountain with relatively gentle slopes on north and south sides in a circular arc form, while the slopes on east and west sides are slightly steep. Deep in the valley between the east and west peaks, there is a stone road leading from the bottom of the valley to the top of the west main peak. On the hillside and below are the forests, where the various types of flora make up a rolling and fluctuant green world. The air there is rich in negative oxygen ions and the whole valley is like a huge natural oxygen bar; all these factors make it a perfect place for people to travel to and cool off in hot summer.