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    Longwu Farm Ecological Tourism Area

    Posted by: Release time:2019-05-06

    Longwu Farm Ecological Tourism Area, 10 kilometers away from the west of Lingshan County of Qinzhou City, includes Longwu Farm and Longwu Manor standing on the bank of Mingke River with verdant bamboos on the both sides under Longwu Bridge, with a total area of 4.9 million square meters.

    Longwu Farm has a planting area of 5.25 million square meters and is known as the natural park of high-quality litchi varieties of Lingshan County. Longwu Farm’s Guiwei Litchi and Lingshan Litchi won Gold Award and Silver Award respectively at the China International Modern Agricultural Exhibition (CIMAE). When litchis are ripe, visitors can pick them in the orchards, and experience the joy of harvest and the rural scenery. Longwu Manor, located in the thousand-mu litchi garden, is a time-honored castle and is also known as “New Datang”, covering an area of 6,769.68 square meters.