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    Nasi Town, Qinnan District creates distinctive brand

    Posted by: Release time:2019-08-14

    In recent years, Nasi Town, Qinnan District, Qinzhou City, combining with the advantages of local geographical resources, has vigorously guided local people and poor households to develop characteristic cultivation under the forest--"Chenxiang Chicken", which directly promoted the industrial development and economic growth of a large number of local farmers and poor households.

    It is said that the “Chenxiang Chicken” of Nasi Town is raised by the original ecology and natural breeding method. It is named after feeding chicken the agallochum powder mixed with rice bran, corn and other complementary food during breeding. It has extremely high dietary value and therapeutic effect. In order to build the “Chenxiang Chicken” brand, the Nasi Town People’s Government actively guides the e-commerce project “Su Mei Chen Xu”, conducting long-term business procurement from the friendly-cooperation cooperatives, farmers engaged in free-range farming and poor households in Nasi Town, selling goods online through the e-commerce platform and directly contacting physical stores and sales to supply goods. Today, Nasi Town has developed 15 breeding sheds, each of which can raise nearly 3,000 chickens. Each year, each shed can raise chickens for nearly 3 batches, with an annual output value of more than 35 million yuan.