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    Building of new corridor inspires vitality and reveals charm of Qinzhou

    Posted by: Release time:2019-07-30

    As the China Railway Express (CR Express) with fully loaded container cargo slowly sails out of Qinzhou and heads for Europe, goods from Southeast Asia are also being transported into Qinzhou via the cold chain logistics system.

    As one of the cities where land and sea meet as well as an important hub of the new land-sea corridor in the western China under the “Belt and Road” Initiative, Qinzhou is seizing the new historical opportunity to accelerate the construction of the infrastructure along the corridor, and form a new development pattern featuring wide opening, great corridor and big port. On the base of 13 new land-sea corridor projects promoted in the previous year, Qinzhou will select more 15 projects with respect to railways, ports, multimodal transport and take them as top priorities and strive to make breakthroughs, and for now, 3 projects have been completed and put into operation, 3 projects have been basically completed, 4 projects have been completed the preliminary work, and the other projects, including the Port and Route of 200,000-ton Containers, have been steadily advanced.