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    Secretary of CPC Committee of China Development Bank Guangxi Branch visits China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park

    Posted by: Release time:2019-08-14

    Recently, Mei Shiwen, Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of the China Development Bank Guangxi Branch, accompanied by Liang Hui, Vice Mayor of the Qinzhou Municipal People's Government, made an investigation in China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park.

    During this period, the delegation conducted an on-site investigation on enterprises and projects such as China-Malaysia International Science and Technology Park, CCCC Urban Investment Guangxi China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Co., Ltd., and poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship towns. Mei Shiwen highly affirmed the effectiveness of the park development and construction, and said that the China Development Bank Guangxi Branch will increase its support to the park in terms of national development strategy and industrial policy, provide financial support for the park infrastructure construction, public service supporting facilities construction and industrial project development, and will set up a special working group connecting the park management committee, so as to speed up the implementation of relevant cooperation matters between the two sides.