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    Huawei Cloud Computing and Big Data Center Project in Qinzhou City started

    Posted by: Release time:2019-07-10

    Recently, the construction of China-ASEAN (Qinzhou) Huawei Cloud Computing and Big Data Center Project whose total investment was 4.5 billion yuan has been officially started, which signifies that the construction progress of Qinzhou sub-center of China-ASEAN Information Harbor has took a crucial step and laid a solid foundation for the quick development of big data industry in Qinzhou.

    After the completion of the project, it will form the big data integrated cloud network between China and ASEAN countries together with data centers in Singapore and Malaysia which was arranged by Huawei so as to provide all-round data support and cloud service to the businesses such as port logistics, maritime interconnection and cross-border trade launched between China and ASEAN countries. By that time, Qinzhou will develop big data industry on the basis of China-ASEAN (Qinzhou) Huawei Cloud Computing and Big Data Center, construct Qinzhou Huawei Digital Town with Huawei Company, bring in and make a batch of new and high-tech industries such as Internet, intelligent manufacturing and new energy as well as the big data-related industries such as port logistics, games and animations and cultural industry settle in, and promote the fast development of digital economic industries in Qinzhou even Guangxi.