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    Major economic indexes in Qinzhou have strong rising impetus during past five months

    Posted by: Release time:2019-07-08

    Recently, we learned from the Qinzhou Municipal Development and Reform Committee that the above-scale industrial added value increased by 11% compared with that of last year from January to May while the year-on-year growth rate of fixed asset investment was 18% and that of financial revenue was 26.1%. The growth rates of them ranked the fourth, third and first respectively in the whole region. It was estimated that the year-on-year growth rate of total output value in the region was 9% during the first half of the year while that of above-scale industrial added value was 11%. The year-on-year growth rate of fixed asset investment was 18% while that of financial revenue was 25.1%. They kept the increasing trends of higher than the predicted target for the whole year so as to achieve the target of completing more than half of the tasks within half of the time smoothly.

    It was understood that Qinzhou adhered to strengthen leaders, supplement chains and aggregate clusters since the beginning of this year, made clear of the major direction of industries while pushed forward a batch of projects with 10 billion yuan of total investment and annual output value as well as new industries and technologies in the aspects such as petrifaction, energy and equipment manufacturing and big data. At present, the total investment of the major industrial projects under construction in Qinzhou exceeds 20 billion yuan while the total investment of the projects which has signed contracts and settled and the construction will be started within the year exceeds 80 billion yuan. The total investment of the projects under negotiation exceeds 200 billion yuan.