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    Several policies and measures to reduce cost of real economy enterprises

      Qinzhou will strengthen the support for ports to simplify customs clearance procedures. In 2016, the financial support reached 68 million yuan...

    Wuli Industrial Park

      Located in Wuli Town, Wuli Industrial Park has a planning area of 5.96 square kilometers. It is close to Provincial Highway 326, and is only 1...


    Brief Introduction

      Located in Wuli Town, Wuli Industrial Park has a planning area of 5.96 square kilometers. It is close to Provincial Highway 326, and is only 1 hour away from Qinzhou Port, Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area and Beihai Port. The industries that are expected to be settled in here are as follows: wood processing, new materials and building materials processing, agricultural and forestry products processing, etc.. At present, it is planned to build a circular economy industrial park with an area of 816 mu and an investment of 1.5 billion yuan, a solid waste resource processing center, a centralized heating center and a standard workshop, showing that the industrial park has complete supporting facilities for living and entrepreneurship.

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        This year, under the background of increasing economic downturn pressure and prominent contradiction emerged in fiscal revenue and expenditure, Qinzhou City continues to promote ten people-benefiting projects, such as water conservancy, social security, health and education, with a planned investment of 5.57 billion yuan.
        It is understood that in the ten people-benefiting projects implemented this year, more funds about 2.394 billion yuan have been invested in the people-benefiting projects for health, accounting for 42.6% of the total annual plan investment. The urban quality improvement is one of the people-benefiting projects which have the most abundant implementation items, covering 17 people-benefiting events, involving shantytown renovation, highway network construction and so on. Unlike previous years, the people-benefiting projects in this year focus on the comprehensive water quality control of Qinjiang River. Of which, 266 million yuan is planned to be invested in the rehabilitation of 12 inland rivers, such as the West Main Canal and Shajianggou, with a length of 61.58 kilometers and an area of 36,027 square meters. This rehabilitation is committed to building a demonstration project of sponge city construction.

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        Recently, Talent & Investment Attracting Event hosted by Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for the purpose of Beibu Gulf of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region connecting Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to drive Beihai, Fangchenggang and Qinzhou into integration was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Huang Shanrong, Deputy Counsel of the Management Committee of Qinzhou Free Trade Port Area, Head of Organization Department of Working Committee, Secretary of Organ Party Committee, attended the conference and made an introductory speech on the theme of "Connecting Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to Drive Beihai, Fangchenggang and Qinzhou into Integration". Furthermore, in the fields of high-end equipment manufacturing, bonded maintenance and remanufacturing and other cooperative fields, strategic cooperation framework agreements with Shenzhen Huazhan Technology Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Yiyongxiu International Trade Co., Ltd. have been signed respectively on the conference.

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        Recently, it was learned from Customs of Qinzhou Port that the first batch of Musang King durians imported from Malaysia has successfully completed customs clearance. These durians, weighing 5.54 tons and valued at about 238,000 yuan, would be shipped to Chongqing for sale through the new western land-sea corridor.
        Liu Chuzheng, Chief of the Customs Integrated Services Section of Qinzhou Port, said that this was the first batch of Malaysian Musang King durians imported by Guangxi Province since the signature of Protocol on the Export of Frozen Durian from Malaysia to China by China and Malaysia on August 20th, 2018. Once knowing the import needs from enterprises, Customs of Qinzhou Port will give timely business guidance and start "green channels" for agricultural products. For imported fruits with highly demanding requirements of going through customs, Customs of Qinzhou Port will provide round-the-clock customs clearance appointment service. By making prompt inspection, all the fresh fruits can be arranged for check and release in the shortest time which supports Guangxi fruit consumption to upgrade again.

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        Recently, Qinzhou Municipal People’s Government signed an investment contract with Zhejiang Tongkun Holding Group Co., Ltd. (“Tongkun” for short) in Nanning. Tongkun will invest about 51 billion yuan to build Beibu Gulf Integrated Green Petrochemical Industrial Base with an annual output of 2.8 million tons of aromatic hydrocarbons and 5 million tons of PTA in Qinzhou.
        Chen Shiliang, Chairman of Tongkun, said that Qinzhou has great potential for development and good business environment, which is a good place for Tongkun to realize its dream of comprehensive development. Tongkun will adhere to the high starting point planning, high-standard facilities, high-quality construction, and high-level management and operation, and promote the early launch, construction, operation and production of the project with the greatest determination, so as to jointly achieve better and faster development.